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Saturday, June 30, 2007
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Are you a reality TV whore? Think you have street smarts? Think you look cute in a pair of Hello Kitty underpants as part of your public persona? Think you could manage a team to greatness? Then try this on for size—Scavenger Hunt meets Amazing Race meets Charity meets Fun.

Form a team and compete with hundreds to win the coveted bragging rights of CHAMPION.

All the advance information that you need is on these pages. Just one very smart and reasonably alert person needs to read the whole thing to understand the basics. The rest of the team can be dumb as bricks and still have a great time!

Here’s your itinerary:

1)    Mark your calendar and rally friends

2)    Form team and pre-register

3)    Arrange for costumes for team (optional, but lots of fun!). Remember, as with all of our events, creativity is rewarded.

4)    Prepare legs, lungs and noggin.  Send your parents and neighborhood friends out of town so they won’t see you.

5)    Stretch

6)    Show up on June 30, race, scavenge, interact and go to final party to meet other like-minded humanitarians who love an excuse to wear a costume…..

How easy is that!? Read on for the details.

Also, take a look at some of the shenanigans from last year!

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July 3, 2007:  The 2007 Scavenger Hunt was even more incredible than last year!  45 teams (over 300 people) duked it out on the streets of DC, but only one team could claim the title of WINNER.  Check out the results page to see how many points each team had and who took home the glorious awards!

Send us a link to your pics and we’ll post them on our Photos page!

Alcoholics Nonymous 1 accepts the Grand Prize