This year is a bit different from previous Hunts. The winner is decided by POINTS, not time!   The maximum amount of BASE POINTS THAT A TEAM MAY EARN IS 350:

Tasks:  190 points possible (if you complete ALL tasks)

(3 worth 10 points, 2 worth 20 points, 1 worth 30 points, 1 worth 40 points and 1 worth 50 points)

Scavenge items:  160 points possible (if you scavenge every item)

(20 items worth 2 points, 10 items worth 5 points and 10 items worth 7 points)

Bonus Points:

TaskMasters, Roaming Gnomes and Checkpoint Charlies will have bonus points to give out at their discretion. You can earn these credits for good sportsmanship, encouraging bystander participation, and flirting shamelessly.  Your team can earn endless points for charming all within range.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

* Grand Champion

* 2nd Place

* Best Costume

* Best team Spirit

* Stupidest Stunt of the Day

As always, in the event of a tie, a dance-off judged by crowd applause will determine the winner at the after party.

Still want more info?  Check out the Official Rules!

Saturday, June 30, 2007 — Check in from 12 noon – 2:00 pm; The Race begins promptly at 2:00 pm.

DC and surrounding environs via bus, metro, and foot. Nobody drives. Nothing on wheels. Bring a map.

We start and finish at The Front Page in Dupont Circle (1333 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington DC).   Everything else is kind of nearby.

Join us for the Post-Race Party, back at The Front Page, where the fun begins with an open bar (beer only) starting at 5:00 pm.  The first 10 kegs are on us, so drink up for free until they’re gone.  Invite your friends to celebrate with you! The party is free for racers and $20 for guests (who also get in on the open beer bar).

Form a team of your nearest and dearest. Or just find some fast people if none of your friends are very clever!

Team Requirements:

1) Your team must consist of at least 5 members, but not more than 8 people, and have a catchy team name and a designated captain.

2) All scavengers/members of the team must be 21 years of age or older and have their own insurance.

3) You must have at least two members of each sex on your team.   We’ll make a ruling on hermaphrodites on a case by case basis.

4) Each member of the team must pay a $10 race fee. (This covers your entry at the final party and is your charitable donation.  It does not cover any other expenses during the day.)

5) All members of the team must read the official rules and disclaimer below at some point before the race.

YOU MUST Pre-register your team, even if incomplete, by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 27.  Go to our Sign Up page for all the info you need to pre-register and pay.

You might also consider trying to get matching funds from friends or a team sponsor to help send even more money to our charity. Let’s be really clear — raise more money and you get bonus points!!

• $100–$200 in donated funds earns your team 15 bonus points

• $201–$400 in donated funds earns your team 30 bonus points

• $401+ earns your team 50 bonus points!

If you’d like to race, but can’t scrounge up enough friends willing to make fools of themselves, send us an email at, subject line “Find me a home”, and we’ll put you in touch with others who need a team or a mate.

The Scavenger Hunt begins at exactly 2:00 pm. All members of the team must check-in and be present between 12 noon and 1:59 pm Saturday, June 30 at The Front Page at Dupont Circle. You MUST pre-register even if you plan to pay on-site. The race happens regardless of weather—rain or shine. Kind of like the Postal Service, but without the surly attitude and rising cost of stamps. (Sure it’s a real race and we will crown a winner, but in the end, it is an opportunity for you to act like a fool with your friends. That’s the real challenge. Or for some of you clowns, the easy part!)

At 2:00 pm your team will eagerly rip open your race envelope, and you will head off! Your envelope will contain a list of 8 tasks and 40 scavenge items. You must complete at least 4 of the tasks (you choose!) and scavenge as many items as you can. Task and scavenge items will have different point values based on difficulty.

You choose the order you want to follow. There will be clues about the locations of the tasks. Your team will head to the location and complete the task.  Once a task is completed you’ll earn a special clue to find a Roaming Gnome for extra points. Roaming Gnomes will be in secret nearby locations….

During the race you must also offload your scavenged items to earn your points.  Your race packet will include a list of 3 possible offload sites. You must visit 2 of these places and offload everything before the final party. The maximum number of points you may claim at any offload site is 25 points, so you MUST hit two locations. Do not bring your scavenged items to the Front Page! You will only need to bring your scorecards to the party!

Make sure someone on your team has a knapsack.  Maybe even some Ziploc baggies.  A digital camera is also good idea, along with other urban exploration supplies (you never know what you might need).

A rough breakdown of the day appears below. Because this race is point-based, instead of time-based, you can choose the order and speed at which you compete.

1) Start at Front Page.

2) Either begin collecting items, or head to a Task location.

3) Continue collecting items and finishing tasks to accrue points.

4) Visit an offload location to redeem scavenge item points (remember: max 25 points per offload site)

5) Continue the routine set out above. Note that to be eligible to win, you must complete at least 4 out of 8 tasks and must find at least 27 items  Other than those requirements, everything is at your pace. You may choose to spend as much or as little time at any of the checkpoints or Gnome locations.  You can always earn extra points.

6) Remember that the party at Front Page does not begin until 5:00 pm. If you finish early, feel free to hang out there or elsewhere. At 5:00 we will begin accepting scorecards.

7) Check in and hope you are a winner!

The 2007 DC Scavenger Hunt: Amazing Race Style is brought to you by SMASHED!  If you’d like to get on our mailing list for other fun events, just send an email to