For the 2007 Scavenger Hunt, we are donating funds raised to a local 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization, Washington, D.C. Inner City Outings (ICO).  ICO takes at-risk kids ages 6 to 12 on hiking trips and other outdoor adventures to promote character building, leadership, and positive relationships between adults and kids.  ICO takes kids out of their neighborhoods and introduces them to the natural environment and other places they might otherwise never get to experience (including working farms, canoeing trips, hiking, etc).  To learn more about ICO, check out their website.

Did we mention that there’s a way you can raise additional money for ICO?  Simply ask your friends, co-workers or anyone else if they would be willing to sponsor your team by contributing a few extra bucks (100% of contributions go directly to the charity).

Naturally, you’ll benefit from that warm fuzzy feeling of helping others, but in case that isn’t enough for you, we’ll also throw some cold, hard, bonus points your way:

• $100–$200 in donated funds earns your team 15 bonus points

• $201–$400 in donated funds earns your team 30 bonus points

• $401+ earns your team 50 bonus points!

This does mean telling people that you are acting foolish for an afternoon, but don’t you think your friends will pay to see you make an ass of yourself?! Especially when it’s for a good cause!

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