We will award prizes for... whatever we feel like, but last year we gave out awards for:

   First, Second and Third Place (by fastest time, including any bonus time cards earned at checkpoints)

   Best Costumes

   Best Sabotage (see rules for info on acceptable forms of sabotage)

The Iditarod is a famous long-distance race in which big burly yapping dogs tow a sled and driver across Alaska. The 2007 DC Idiotarod is kind of the same thing, but no sled and no dogs. And most likely no snow, what with global warming and all that! Instead of a sled, teams pull a shopping cart (or “carriage” for you Southerners). And instead of dogs, its people pulling the cart. Oh, and this one is in DC, not Alaska, so it definitely saves you time and travel expenses. All this and we’re even raising money for charity!

The first Idiotarod started in San Francisco more than 10 years ago.  Apparently they’ve gotten very lazy since then and never renewed their web site. Then some kids up in New York City took the idea and made it into a spectacular event.  Check them out!

So how do we mush DC style? It’s a day of racing around DC with shopping carts, making an ass of yourself, meeting new people, potentially dressing up in a silly costume, and generally having one of the best days of your life! So how do you participate?

Step 1:  Recruit your 6-person team
Step 2:  Register your team and pay $50 team entry fee
Step 3:  Get a cart and show up at the Front Page in Dupont Circle by 2pm on March 3!Sign_Up.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

Want more details?  Keep reading!

The race starts with team check-in at the Front Page in Dupont Circle between noon and 2 pm (make sure you’ve registered by 11:59pm on Thursday, March 1).  The race begins at exactly 2:30 pm.  This year, we’re offering a Racer Course and a Leisure Course — be sure to identify your team’s choice during registration!

All of the advance information that you need is below. At least one team member needs to read the whole thing, so you understand the basics and the official rules.

Each team is comprised of six people (five pullers/runners [the “dogs” if you will] and one musher), and one cart. The same six team members must start and complete the race, and be present at each checkpoint. Team members may rotate position. Five people pull the cart (by hand or rigging of your own choosing) and one musher runs behind with a hand on the cart. We do not suggest that the musher ride in the cart, and should a musher decide to ride in a cart it is at his or her own risk. IF a musher chooses to ride versus run, we STRONGLY suggest a helmet. Seriously folks, this is for charity, not Jackass.

You should come up with a catchy team name…there might even be a prize.

Got your team already?  Great, go ahead and register for the race!

At the start of the race, your team will be given a card with a clue to a mystery location.  You must find the mystery location to obtain your course map.  Your team must race to various checkpoints and then head to the Finish Line Party at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room. You must hit each checkpoint. Remember, all members of the team must be present at each checkpoint. You will be held at each checkpoint for exactly 20 minutes. When you check in at a designated checkpoint, a Bar Tsar will record your time of entry and will note the time you are allowed to re-enter the race.

Plan to make a fool of yourself or just come and mock your friends. It’s all in the name of having fun and giving something back to the community!

In all seriousness, please be extraordinarily respectful to the people at our checkpoints – not our judges, per se, but the people who work behind the bar or on the other side of the counter. Tip big and shower them with your graciousness. They MAY have time cards to give you to enhance your chances of winning. (Official note: if you plan to drink, do it at the checkpoints and do so responsibly. It is illegal to have open containers on the streets and you surely aren’t going to be fading into the woodwork. And you will be disqualified from the race if caught.)

The race will happen no matter the conditions — rain or shine, snow or sleet. Kind of like the postal service, but without the surly attitude. Sure it’s a real race and we will crown a winner, but in the end, it is really an opportunity for you to act like a fool with your friends. That’s the real challenge. (Or for many, the easy part!)

   Mark your calendar (March 3, 2007) and rally friends

   Form your team, register (by 11:59pm on Thursday, March 1) and pay your team’s $50 entry fee

   Acquire a shopping cart

   Create costumes for your team and cart (not required, but encouraged — get ideas here and here)

   Show up, check-in, race, go to the Finish Line Party

   Wake up the next day and feel darned good that you made a difference in the world, even though your head might hurt just a little too much and there are some unexplained marks on your body

     Hosted by SMASHED and 
Saturday, March 3, 2007http://smashed.geekpad.comshapeimage_7_link_0

March 4, 2007 - 80+ teams showed up with some AMAZING carts and costumes, but the big winner was “Nuptial Pooches”, who made it to the finish line at Chief Ike’s with a time of 1 hour and 2 minutes.  They also managed to pick up 22 minutes in time credits along the way.  Well done and congratulations!  You can see all the finish times on the results page.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2007 Idiotarod!  We raised an enormous amount of money for our charity, and entertained an lot of people in the neighborhoods of DC.   We hope that all of the teams and onlookers enjoyed a fabulous afternoon of fun and silliness!

We’ve posted links to the pictures that we know about, but we’re sure there are lots more out there.  So email idiotarod@gmail.com with your photo links and we’ll post them on our photos page!

The DC Idiotarod has been brought to you by SMASHED!  If you’d like to get on our mailing list for other fun events, just send an email to dcsmashed-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Team Punisher - Special Sabotage Honors