For the 2007 D.C. Idiotarod, we have decided to once again donate funds earned to the Arlington Food Assistance Center, which is a charity that distributes supplemental groceries to needy families in Arlington.

Another way you can help out the Arlington Food Assistance Center is by bringing a giant bag full of grocery bags, paper or plastic (yes, you read that right — bags). It’s not required, but it is an incidental donation that is very valuable to the AFAC.  Assorted canned goods might also earn you some time credits... or maybe you’ll just be doing a good deed — you never know.  Don’t forget:

  1. YOU: Willing to make a fool of yourself

  2. THEM:  Getting food to feed needy families

And remember, as mentioned in the FAQ, if you raise additional funds (which go directly to our charity), you can get a jump on the other racers!

• $100–$200 in matching funds earns your team a 1 minute advance start

• $201–$400 in matching funds earns your team a 2 minute 30 second advance start

• $401+ earns your team a 3 minute and 30 second advance start

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