Sorry boys and girls, but registration has officially CLOSED, as of 11:59pm on Thursday, March 1. We are thrilled with the number of teams racing this year and we can't wait for Saturday!!


Indeed this is a race in that there’s a defined winner, but really it is meant to be a social activity of a fun and silly nature. Do not break laws or do harm to other racers. It is about testing your own willingness to make an ass of yourself. You are not expected to be in top physical condition or to run the entire time. You are expected to kind of be a good sport, have fun, meet new people and generally enjoy the day. You are expected to pretend to be a mature adult doing good for the world. Now mush, you huskies!!!!!!!!!!

All racers must be 21 or older.

All racers have read the official rules.

All racers should have some form of insurance (listen, you are agreeing to a 5k race involving shopping carts… there are some risks beyond loss of dignity).

All racers agree to be responsible for their own actions during the day.  If you decide to have a drink during the race, please do so responsibly.

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