Kickoff Happy Hour and Sign-Up Event:
 6:30pm - Thursday, October 4 
at Buffalo Billiards (1330 19th St. NW)

The Glorious ManPageant: 
7:00pm - Saturday, November 3
at Tom Tom (2335 18th St. NW)

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Yep, that's just what it sounds like! Are you man enough to be a hirsute hero? Think you have enough testosterone to share? Want to make the ladies swoon with your masculinity AND sensitive caring side? It’s time to put the razor away and get manly. You grow the lip ‘fro and money goes to charity!

The premise is simple—You start clean, you select a mustache hero (whom you aspire to be), grow a ‘stache for 30 days, raise some money, and compete in The Glorious ManPageant.


Look, we know that not every man out there has the testosterone or follicles of a young Burt Reynolds.  The idea is that you select the Mustache Hero who inspires your own personal growth.  Got your dirty blond ‘stache with six hairs?  Think about Larry Bird in 1976.  President Harding floats your boat?  Get out the ‘stache wax and impress the ladies with freakish Guinness World Book of Records designs.  Need an eyebrow pencil to sport that John Waters look?  We don’t care. The point is YOU pick your growth, and the character you want to portray in competition.

We understand that not every man out there has the ability to walk a mile in Geraldo's shoes. And that’s OK. You'll be judged on your own personal goal. Mustache golf, if you will. Maybe you aim to be Geraldo, or maybe you remember that sweet `stache that Uncle Otis sported sitting on the porch spitting tobaccy. You choose!


We want something of a level playing field.  Come to the Kickoff Happy Hour, with a baby soft face. No headstart weeklong growth, please! We’ll snap your BEFORE picture and you can hand in your mustache profile (more on that below).  Plus you’ll meet your competition and have an idea of what you might be up against. After the happy hour, you’ve got 30 days to grow that push broom before the Manpageant.

If you can’t make it to the Happy Hour,


Please download the official Mustache Profile.  Fill it out and send to  Email the profile along with a picture of YOUR HAIRLESS FACE and a picture of your mustache hero. The sooner the better.


Raise at least $50 through friends and pledges (this is easier than you think!)   Hell, last year, three competitors got corporate matching dollars totaling nearly $2,000!  The easiest way to raise money is to

1) Ask your friends to come out and support you at the actual ManPageant.  They’ll pay $10 at the door (they can give your name and we’ll record the proceeds);

  1. 2)Ask friends and co-workers to make a donation directly to the charity. They can use the handy Google Checkout button below, or give you a check (turn in all checks at the Manpageant).

All of the money raised from this contest goes to the great folks at Capital Queen for a Day (, which exists to raise the self-esteem and self-confidence of girls with cancer. They host parties at cancer facilities, giving the girls manicures and makeovers.  It’s a really great cause that we are thrilled to be helping again this year!  Check out their website for more info.

The ManPageant honors all that is glorious about the mustache. It begins promptly at 7:30pm on Saturday, November 3 at Tom Tom (2335 18th St. NW) in Adams Morgan.

There will be SIX impartial Judges – INCLUDING LOCAL ‘STACHE SPORTIN’ CELEBRETIES. They may be susceptible to bribing, but they vow to honor the glory of the ‘stache.

The menfolk will compete in the following rounds:

Parade of Heroes: Each Contestant shall walk the catwalk fully costumed to best represent the glory of his ‘stache, and do his Mustache Hero proud.

The Slapback: Each Contestant shall enlist the aid of one female friend to enact a scenario wherein the Hero has a drink (liquid of choice) tossed in his face to establish the quality of ‘stache when wet.

FOUR Contestants will advance to the Semi-Final Round for the dreaded Question and Answer Round. The FOUR Semi-Finalists will randomly draw a question and must answer when it’s posed by the Emcee.


Awards will be given for the following Prizes:

    Most Money Raised for the Charity

    Best 30-day Growth

    Best Costume

    Mr. Congeniality

Finally, we will crown Mr. 2007 DC Sweet ‘Stache! 

Check out all of the great pictures from last year’s ManPageant!

1) You must sign up officially by October 15 with your Profile (either at the Happy Hour or online).

2) You must complete a Mustache Profile and accept that it may be posted on this site for all the world to admire.  You may add any ancillary photos as you see fit to promote your cause.

3) You must attend and participate in the ManPageant on November 3, 2007.  Don’t worry, you could be disqualified early and leave with some dignity…

4) Raise at least $50 through friends and pledges. You will turn over all money raised in honor of your face to the charity Capital Queen for a Day.

Rules of the Hair – There aren’t many:

  1. The use of growth hormones or permanent coloring agents is neither condoned nor sanctioned. Performance enhancers violate the spirit of the contest. It is pure testosterone, baby! But if you use Rogaine on your lip, we're not responsible for what happens.

  2. No Hitler mustaches (or other iconic figures of hate) allowed!

  3. The official growing period will be from Thursday, October 4 through the Saturday, November 3 ManPageant. Late registrants may be accepted, but the deadline will not be extended.

  4. When people ask what that dirt is on your upper lip, you tell them that you are using your masculinity to raise money for charity. Spread the word, man.

  5. For the duration of four weeks, sweet `staches will be grown for the world to behold. We do ask, of course, that growers be aware of and obey all local laws when soliciting donations. We don't know what these laws are, but we're pretty sure they exist. For example, while merchandising is encouraged, sales tax regulations may apply. And all profits must be donated.

By agreeing to participate in this event, you agree to use the power of your `stache for good.   We know you are going to be looking sexy—real sexy. But you will remember always that your lip ‘fro will not be used for personal gain or manipulation.

IMPORTANT FOR DONORS:  After you complete the Google Checkout transaction, you must send an email to and tell us which contestant you are supporting and how much you donated.  Otherwise your contestant won’t get credit for your generosity!